Thursday, August 16, 2007

hasil rumusan dari ngobrol semaleman ngomongin kejenuhan

visi + misi + cita-cita = eager + chemistry
eager + chemistry + kemauan = usaha
usaha + kesempatan  = hasil
hasil yang terus dikembangkan dan dijalani = RUTINITAS
rutinitas = pengulangan dalam jangka waktu lama dalam rangka mempertahankan
rutinitas = bosan
rutinitas = lupa pada visi misi citacita awal yang melahirkan eager dan chemistry nya
rutinitas = bosan
bosan = lupa eager dan semangat awal
bosan = berhenti

berhenti? jangan..
find a way to back to the start and feel those eager and chemistry that leads ur will to work it, reach it, and defend it.
don't forget the roots.
don't blinded by the present.
remember the roots.
remember all the works u've done to keep it up.
peoples got goals. peoples got achievement.
u have it.
keep the goals.
gain MORE!
all u have to do is REFRESH ur dull mind.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

a conversations i had recently in my dreams..

Hi! Introduce me! I am Rubula Virus, a.k.a mumps virus, from the Paramyxoviridae family, the order of Mononegavirales!

hi Rubula! nice to meet u! my name is Amanda Mita, from the Chalid and Tjitrohaminoto family! So, how are u and what u're up to, Rubula?

fine, thank u amanda! it's clear that in these recent days i've been up to stayed in ur body, and ur mind, of course. could i stays longer? please don't be such a cruel and break my heart,, *sniffs*

ooo,,so, u're the one that cause me these symptoms, are you? such as, fever, a bad one i believe,,headache,,swelling glands also,huh? the worst part! that's the one that makes my face bloating like a blow fish! and of course it is also makes eat time feels like hell to me! aren't u, huh?! *clearing throats* well well, let me introduce my friends then, Rubula! here's Mr. Amoxicillin,  Ms. Fenamin,  Mr. Lanadexon, and Mr. Arnid!

no no noooo! i can't meet them! please send them away from me!!

no no no,,in fact, here they are,,please say hello to them, and say goodbye to me..! *smiling cheering voices*

noooo.. *start crying*

yeeess.. *start smiling*

are u really hate me?

to the bone, indeed! unfortunately Rubula,,tha tha! *grins*

*the sounds fading out..*

gottcha! go to hell, and DON'T COME BACK!!