Saturday, October 25, 2014

motherhood in reality; comment (or questions) and answer

imaginary interviews with mothers these day 

how wonderful! how can u still do a creative work and create things while raising ur daughter?

i can not..

it's not always rainbows and unicorns..well, there ARE, sometimes..but it takes lot of time management exercise which involve a lot of tears, thousands whys and a bit drama.
so yeah, in reality, i can not do a creative work. i'm a pragmatist now. creative work u say? *laughing* it's mere a lipstick, really just on a surface, u should see far beneath it.

how can u involve ur daughter (such a little girl) in ur workplace?

i must.

it's not a matter of can or can not. i must bring her to my workplace, sometimes. it's not what i ALWAYS want, but something that i must do, in order to fulfill my deadlines. finish my workload so it doesn't split my focus while i'm nurturing my daughter. so i can think clearly what i'm gonna cook for her, doesn't yell at once when she made a normal-kid-mess, doesn't break down and cry straight away when she won't sleep and ask for another round of playtime. in short, to help me keep my sanity.

how lovely! ur daughter is so calm and sweet..u must have taking care of her veeery good..

*no words, just smile. "wave and smile boys, waaave and smile," said the penguins.

well..u doesn't get to see me at home OFTEN, d'ya? raising and taking care of her very good..let's see..
it, sometimes, in hard days, involve looots of tears, excessive needs to be understood by ur partner VERY MUCH, envying all of ur fellow mother/friend on ur social media circle (because they can still socialized while u don't even have the chance to take a short bath), dreaming and missing the old short, insanity. yes, sometimes my daughter raised by insane women.

really, just sometimes.

am i a bad mother?

no, i'm a normal 21st century mothers.

how's that sound?
normal enough for u?

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Kalau ditanya, "Apa profesimu?"
dulu saya bingung menjawabnya, kalau skarang ditanya, saya mau jawab begini ah..

"Praktisi rumah tangga"

Ha ha!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


it's just a short self-reminder.
some thoughts that pop up while i propose things in my prayer.
how long do you expect ur lifetime will be?
how long do you think ur partner's lifetime will be?
who will goes first?
in the end u'll parting ways
so while it last, will u try to be the best version of urself for ur lifetime-partner?
e v e r y  s i n g l e  d a y.
so in the end, there's no regret..

Thursday, April 24, 2014

teorinya sih..

"waktu bayi tidur, ibu juga tidur."
"waktu anak makan, ibu juga ikut makan. Lagipula kan dia butuh contoh untuk ditiru.."



waktu anak tidur,
juggling cuci baju anak, cuci baju dewasa, jemur, cuci piring, angkat jemuran lari-lari karena hujan, kukus makan siang anak, cuci piring lagi, kadang-kadang makan, nyicil setrika, dan ini yang paling berharga, duduk diam dan bisa menuangkan isi pikiran.
nanti malem aja deh.

waktu anak makan,
motong-motongin makanan anaknya, ngajak ngobrol, siapin minum, bantuin minum. ya ibunya udah makan lah, atau makan setelah anak makan-cuci cuci-nyusu-tidur.

waktu anak tidur malam,
eits, not so fast mom! kucek popok dulu biar besok pagi bisa langsung masuk mesin cuci, setrika edisi kedua, lipet-lipetin baju dewasa yang ga perlu disetrika kecuali kemeja :p

dan kalo masih ada energi dan penasaran, nonton film donlod-an :p

yessss tidooooooor at last! 
*besok pagi telat bangun dan juggling-nya lebih gila terus misuh-misuh sendiri :p

*pelan-pelang beringsut keluar*


wortel impor itu lebih manis daripada wortel lokal,
tapi wortel lokal lebih mudah empuk saat dikukus.

dan wortel impor yang manis itu enak sekali ditumis hanya dengan unsalted butter dan bawang putih, dan sedikit garam!

saya belum coba, tapi rasanya akan lebih enak lagi kalau dicampur sedikit daging sapi cincang :9

kembali ke laptop

since i'm a maother of 7 months old daughter without maid, 
my life has been spinning head over heels.

soo many things to do
soo little time (between those naps and thank-god-long-naps),
soooo many thoughts!

and i'm not a twitter person, neither path, or facebook,
and instagram are for photos,

so i get back to laptop, always love the old ways! because i love sharing stories, which starting now i think i'm just gonna share my quick thoughts due to the little valuable time i had for myself :p but still, i choose blogging than twitter or path or facebook, hihi :D