Thursday, June 10, 2010

WANTED POSSE: sunday to tuesday

it was a shiny sunday,
ride a buss too big for three,
dip in a crowd of daylight people,
we were heading to a place where trains gather and moan.

and there they were.
each with their uniqueness.
eight will dance,
but one got injured,
seven will do, then.
two will guide.

so the night of sunday rise,
they got in an early touch with the city,
dive in the people and see.
some came down to the dance floor already,
some get personalized the stage,
some eat,
some get rest and relax,
and some get involved in a chatter and walk.

and monday following quickly.
dance, they must.
dance, they did.
fascinated everybody with excitement,
enchanted them with passionate idea,
and possessed their mind.

call of the day,
monday's over as soon as it's begun
night sipping in the city slowly
let everyone enjoyed their last night
to woke up in the morning and departed.

and so tuesday morning watched this goodbye.
they leave, but memory and friendship will stay.
10 will remain in every audience's memories.

*dedicated to Hagbé Njagui, Ma'sellu Kim, Abdouramane Diarra, Guy Weladji, Patrick Clitus, Sy Ousmane, Lumengo Hugues, Njoya Ibrahim, Junior Bosila, and Arthur Grandjean.

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