Thursday, July 29, 2010

my very first work on a REAL wall :D

"amanda, u want to paint some wall?"
"yeah, sure!"

Sebastien, my friend called and invite me to paint the wall.
so, i tried to paint in a real wall, for the first time ever, in my 24 years of having fun, ha ha!

we started from around 12.30 am
and finished around 05.55 am
ha ha!
we draw on a previous drawings and create something from it when is it possible.

during working on these drawings, there was a man coming and been around us to show his interest, around 2 am till 4.30 am. in fact, he leaves for a moment and come back bring us some hot coffee and bread. so sweet of him! he can't speak english well, but he's around and keep asking Sebastien so many questions. ha ha. he's originally from papua whom study in one of the universities in Jogja.

around 3 am till 5 two of sebastien's friend come and stay to chat and see how it goes.
they are Ade from Jogja, and Carol from Canada.

and now, i still feel so happy to see the pictures, ha ha. :D even maybe no one would notice this wall drawings :P

i feel like i want to jump around all the time.
"boing! boing! boing! boing!"

it's a small part compare to Sebastien's work actually,
but as a rookie, i feel it's enough :]

next time, i hope i'll do it better! ha ha!

matur nuwun mon ami, mas Sebastien! :D

we finished at the very early morning

the so-called collaboration

mine on the left side, sebastien's the other side

mine :D

so, the window creature miss something's important. but it doesn't know where is it, this important thingy. asking it's friends which don't know either.

the lamp creature whom confuse also.


  1. aaaaaawwwwwhhhh, t e r i m a k a s i h mbadaaaaaannnn :D
    terimakasih banyak karena komen mu membesarkan semangat ku :D
    cup cup mwah, bonus sun basah dari aku di jogja yang terikk :P