Friday, November 5, 2010

perempuan coklat yang mengabu

so, this was the second time i saw the dusty rain from the Merapi volcano eruption in Jogja. but this time went a little bit crazy since the first time.

so, about 2 a.m my friend phoned me and ask me to pack my things. he will picked me up and let us stay over the night at Papermoon, joined with other friends. half sleeping i asked my friend to leave me and letting me have my sleep alone in my rented room. but he persisted to picked me up. half awake i ask him,
"what time is this?"
"two a.m..look, it's dust rain outside, and Ria ask us to stay with them, case there's something happen at least we all got each other.."
"is it that bad?"
"yes. pack ur things and let me know whenever u're ready, i'll pick u up."

so i ended up hung up the phone and packed. as i have done packing, i sit and wait my friend to pick me silent..and then i started to notice the sound of heavy dusty rain outside. i heard dusts riding winds hitting my window. and that's the time i begun to feel a bit scared.

long story short, we arrived at papermoon, and already, my friend whose driving the motorbike got his jeans doted by dusty rain, even though it's only 3 minutes riding on motorbike.

it's quite creepy.

so what had happened is, at about 12.30 a.m in the morning the merapi, again, erupted. and it's quite a big one compare to the last time it's erupted. all the people whom live near the Merapi racing to the south, evacuating. the news on television's quite crazy though.

approaching 3 a.m i fell asleep, meanwhile the tense news running on television.

in the morning when i woke up, i'm rushing outside to see what's happen while we're asleep.
and so, all the ground is covering with damp dust.
feels like a compact powder.

grey fences...

and the dust still falling..the little dust which very soft and floating.

it looks like fogging, caused the eyesight distance's short and makes ur eyes sore.

the sun's come up, but it's light dimmed and so weak..

the dust-stencil street below my feet

the view from the front of papermoon.

hope everything's gonna be ok.

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